Island Calendar Girls.... Honolulu, Hawaii

Colorful pictures and videos of the most beautiful women of Hawaii.

   Welcome to Island Calendar Girls. I've been working as a professional photographer on the island of Oahu for over 15 years.
My photo studio is located near world famous Waikiki Beach. I was born and raised on Oahu. I lived for several years on the mainland attending photo school. After I received my Bachelor of Arts degree in photography I returned to the islands. I missed my family, friends, the food, and of course, the weather. It's mostly sunny and warm 365 days a year. Living in Hawaii has its benefits. Especially when it comes to the many beautiful women that call Hawaii home. There are women of all different ethnicities. That's why they refer to Hawaii as "the melting pot".
   All my life I have admired the beauty of the female form. Ever since I was in my teens I looked at adult magazines and movies. 
I still do today. That's one of the reasons I became of photographer. I want to capture a woman's most sexy and alluring looks on film. I have a talent for bringing out a woman's sensual side. I find most of my models walking down the street, at local shopping malls, sunbathing at the beach, at bus stops, and on college campuses. For many of them this is their very first and only photo session. They pose in swimsuits, lingerie, topless, and nude at exotic locations around the island. 
   I've published a limited quantity of calendars that were sold exclusively in Hawaii for the years of 1989, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, and 1997 (I skipped 1990&1991). The calendars sell for $10 each or you may purchase the entire set for $50 (a $70 value).
Please add $4.50 for postage and handling for the entire order. These calendars contain 100's of the most beautiful women of the islands in swimsuits, lingerie, and nude at various exotic locations around the island. Each model of the month has a personal description written by her.  
   I also have for sale some of the actual video footage of the calendar auditions and my private photo sessions. These videos are one of kind. It's like you're there at the casting and photo session. It features many first time models who give a very revealing interview and then undress in front of my camera. There are no scripts. Everything is candid and unpredictable. You never know how far they'll go. I sell both VHS and DVD formats.  
   To receive a free brochure with ordering instructions please fill out the form on the "contact me" section of this website. All models are 18 years of age or older. Model releases are kept on file. You must be of legal age to purchase any videos because they may contain nudity.   

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